Travis Marriott
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The boy is a native-born Okie that has spent most of his life in Texas. From ages 1 to 5, he lived in Woking, England while his father was working in the North Sea. Upon returning to the United States, the Texans regularly took it upon themselves to beat that ugly English accent out of him. This helped him to develop his bitter outlook on life.

After graduating from high school on the westside of Houston, he attended Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas where he developed a thorough hatred of frat boys and Phys. Ed. majors as he was the only non-ZBT member of the lacrosse team. He transfered to the University of Texas in beautiful Austin the next year. There he obtained his B.A. in History and his B.S. in Radio-Televion-Film as well as working for KVRX radio for four years as DJ, news reporter, fundraising director and as a booker for two clubs. His final UT projects were a lengthy paper on "Mormonism and the Foundations of National Identity" (because he wanted to know in greater detail why Mormons are so screwed up) and a 30-minute documentary "Plano, Texas: A Cultural Study of Suburbia" (because he's lived in too many suburbs and knows plenty of Planoites and was familiar with why they are seriously screwed up and overdosing on heroin).

In 1999, Travis lived in Helsinki, Finland with an exchange student he started dating at UT. While there, he worked on a number of Solar Films productions including a video for the German dance/pop singer Sash!, a documentary on a sunken WWI cargo ship in Stockholm, and can be seen standing in the church scene in the film Levottomat pretending he knows how to sing in Finnish. He later taught English in Brno, Czech Republic and worked on a number of farms in Australia before returning home to Texas. The following three years in Texas, he worked on numerous film productions, did music promotion and production for the label Southern Love Records, worked as publicist for Sacred Cow Productions, and was funded by Austin Film Society to produce his second documentary "Crime Pays" which was completed in December of 2003.

He completed his MA in International Journalism in September of 2004 and wishes all people who refer to themselves in the third person would be tortured to death by hockey players.

Travis kicks ass. Give him a job.