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Travis's Productions:

Crime Pays : Produced/Directed/Edited ................. .... .30-minute DV documentary case study of prison privatization in Oklahoma

Plano, Texas: A Cultural Study of Suburbia Produced/Directed/Edited - 30-minute DV documentary about the failings, problem evaluations, and sought solutions of a wealthy, planned community

Migratory Losers: Epics of an Okie Diaspora Wrote/Produced/Directed - 11-minute 16mm narrative about disillusion, incoherence, heartbreak, and embarassment of three guys too frequent to SACA courses. Better description: Redneck neo-realism in three movements. (getting wasted, waking up with a dude, making excuses, and having your friends beat the crap out of you).

Blue Noise Band - "Brad Green from Queens" SouthernLoveRecords CD release 2001 : Producer/Promoter/Tour Booker

Deep Sombreros - "Quien es el Pinche Hombre?" SouthernLoveRecords CD release 2000 : Promoted

The Assholes - "Say: Fuck You!" SouthernLoveRecords_CD_release 1998 : Produced/Promoted


Boost to Occupation Doesn't Help Unemployment

Sooner Conflicts of Interest

Biography & Meeting Our Expectations

Sedna Circles the Icy Outskirts of Eurocentricism


Productions I Worked On:

Drug War

Let it Roll: A Civil Rights Story from the Texas Prison System

Moonlight by the Sea


Other People

Six in Austin