I keep waiting to see W. lose it.

10/1/04 - Me and a buddy downed four cups of coffee in order to keep our eyes open to 2am when the BBC broadcasted the debate from Miami. It was well worth it. I only wish we'd made a score card and bought a bottle of Jack so we could know how many shots we have to do whenever W. avoided a question and said: Freedom, Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, (or my favorite) I have a plan!

I'm not gonna offer my two cents on analyzing something that doesn't need analyzing, but just wanted to say that the debate, aside from making me not homesick for a change, reminded me of the good ol' days of summertime 2000 when the worst thing about W. (worst thing for people outside of Texas that is) was that he's a dumbass. He bumbles around like his dad only worse and doesn't seem to know what the hell he's talking about, can't pronounce or remember foreign leaders' names and seems to have substantial trouble with simple vocabulary too. I guess that made him more down-to-earth for a lot of folks. But how down to earth is it to have attended Harvard and Yale and become governor of one of the richest, most powerful states because of your daddy's name? I don't know. I don't think I could relate with this guy or would've found him next to me on the assembly line at fucking Pizza Hut either.

But what I do wanna see him do is snap on live TV when he gets some question from Jim Lehrer that he can't respond to by just repeating "freedom", "Iraq", "terrorism". That was the most engaging thing last night. Kerry would make a point. W. would blurt out, "I wanna respond to that!" Lehrer would say, "You have 30 seconds." And W. would sit there blinking. Blinking. Blinking. Blinking. There was one time when he hollered he wanted to respond to Kerry and then blinked at the camera for what had to be almost 15 of his allocated 30 seconds. I'm sitting there with my fingers crossed knowing: He's going to lose it and start screaming, "Fuck this!" And tell America we have to do what he says or we're all gonna die at his hands.

It hasn't happened yet, but if the bets are on for this in Vegas, I'll put twenty on him snapping or a vein in his head bursting during the next two debates.

A comforting point I just read a poll in the L.A. Times on "Who do you think won the first Bush-Kerry debate?"

8.9% (1760 responses) said Bush

87.6% (17328 responses) said Kerry

3.5% (685 responses) said It was a draw



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