Southern Love on Norwegian Public Radio:

Travis of German Beef Intiative went to Oslo on Tuesday after getting kicked out of the UK. He managed to get into "U.S. Election Night in Norway" at the Grand Hotel under the premise he was a freelance journalist for The Austin Chronicle there to report on the European reactions to the election. After consuming copious amounts of free sandwiches, a reporter for the national radio interviewed our boy. While there, he found out no big conspiracy but the obvious - the big fancy party comprised of mostly Republican supporters in suits was hosted by the US Ambassador to Norway who was some sort of absentee Chairman of BF Goodrich, a native of Ohio, went to Harvard and appointed by none other than George W. Bush so if W. didn't stay in the White House, Ambassador Ong would have to go back to sunny Ohio. Go figure.
Drive time the next day, the national radio burped out two quotes from the interview in between the Norwegian: One about it not making any difference who Texans vote for if they don't want the Republican because of the Electoral College, and one about W. knowing he's taken care of and wondering if he gets meatloaf tonight. Later that day, a girl from a freeform music show called him up asking, "Is this Amerika? Bush! How did you fuck Ohio?" Don't think anyone understood the accent but it was funny regardless.


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