4 Billion dollars worth of BULLSHIT! - Rant from America-side:

(11/12/04) - Well. The election is over. For those of you (foreign or domestic) still wailing, cheering, gnashing teeth, letting your mouth run, etc. SHUT THE FUCK UP! No one cares what you think any more.

Looks like they're saying that $4 billion was spent on the election race this year. So what? That's $1 billion more than the last election, even after they passed the supposed campaign finance reforms. HA HA!

You think $4 billion dollars got spent on getting people jobs, education, cleaning the innards of Iraqi children from the streets of Baghdad? Nope. It was spent lying to Americans.

For all you foreigners that wonder aloud how we could elect such a dumbshit, ask yourself when the last time was that a group spent $4 billion in less than a year lying to you. Fuck you. Corporations had to spend probably at least $2 billion (the rest likely picked up by citizen dipshit and others who actually believed anyone cared what they thought) to convince a majority of overweight, over-righteous retards that this dumbass was better than that dumbass. Good. I hope some CEO's kid had to settle for a Mustang instead of a Lamborghini.

I can see the conversation now. "Son, I'm sorry. We had to spend some of your Christmas money to make sure that The Company could continue fucking average Americans out of fair wages / cheap medication / higher education / a life free of debt / etc.

And stop selling your mother's minks for coke, you little shit."

And for those of you that want to see some link showing the mental retardation that people still can't even be bothered to pay attention to...

I give you this.

**For you lazy bastards who can't click a button, we have a blog writer discussing how 12 counties in Florida managed to come up with hundreds more people that cast a presidential vote than actually showed up at the polls. He talks about other shit too, so just scroll down til you see numbers.**

$4 billion is apparently worth more than mathematics.

Rant ended.

Post-ejaculation: If you think you know more of what's actually happening in our country then we do, drop us a line. I've heard the idea proposed that a day will come when we'll have to call people in foreign countries just to find out the truth about shit in our country of residence. Maybe we're already there.

- Cow


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