Almighty Righteous Protection Plan

(11/20/04) - House Republicans shut themselves into a room this week (unfortunately, no one took the opportunity to fill it with carbon monoxide) to vote on whether Tom Delay still gets to be fearless leader if he gets indicted on charges of corruption. Or because he’s an asshole. Hurry! Get Tom on the Plan!!

The shit-balls funny thing about this situation is that they wouldn’t even be stuck if they hadn’t been so trippin’-over-themselves eager to prove their moral over-righteousness over a decade ago. Because, this is an ethics rule that they created, and applies only to them, cause they wanted to be special. Now they have to look like HYPOCRITES, and even more hilarious is that they have to explain themselves.

It’s like watching someone run into a random object. Chair, table, human skull… take your pick. Then, after wandering around for awhile, they run into the exact same thing…. and look surprised that it’s there!

People. Strap yourselves in. Prepare yourself mentally and physically. Now do a google search on Delay and start reading. It doesn’t matter where you start reading, look for quotes from congressmen trying to explain their way out of this shit.

How many Americans actually believe politicians are working for them? These brief moments of hilarity are all we get in return for getting fucked. Enjoy them. Can anyone tell me they don’t find the image of Kenneth Starr (according to press accounts, a ‘grown man’), sniffing around in a young woman’s closet for a cum stain, anything less than ‘wet yourself’ funny?

Later when I was hangin’ from the tree: I just remembered this other shit that one of the news organizations did with Alan Keyes when he moved to Ohio to run against Barack Obama. He got caught on tape just four years ago running at the mouth about Queen-y Clinton doing the same thing in New York.

Had Keyes on the show. Told him he was a dumbass for locking himself in a box. THEN SHOWED HIM A VIDEO OF HIS DUMBASS SAYING IT. And then they go back to him. ….And heeeerrreeeeee’s DUMBASS!




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