A Fun New Way to Kill the President! I'm Actually Serious.

(11/23/04) - This new PRODUCT will, "'bring history to life'" and stimulate a younger generation to take an interest in a fascinating episode in US history," reported The Guardian this Monday about a new video game from the UK-based company Traffic Management.

JFK: Reloaded for just a measely download fee of £5.35 puts you in Oswald's sniper's nest and shows you just how difficult, but possible, it was for that ex-marine to pull off the shots that killed Kennedy according to the Warren Commission.

"We genuinely believe that, if we get enough people participating, we'll be able to disprove, once and for all, any notion that someone else was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy," said managing director Kirk Ewing.

Some downloadable video game finally "able to disprove", in any regard, someone else's involvement (like the CIA working with the Mafia) is as retarded as Neil Bush's software Ignite teaching high school kids about the Constitutional Congress using a rap song.

Why not go to Dallas book repository and check the view from that window instead? Admittedly, Dallas does suck, but oh, wait. I don't think you can actually stand where Oswald supposedly shot from and look for yourself. Good thing for that. Hate to doubt the Warren Commission. Or the theory behind only non-Mason presidents are assassinated. Or that whole moon landing thing.

I just hope they come out with some politician assassination games for assassinations that haven't taken place yet. That'd give us a much bigger bang for your buck.

"Write America's history before it's written! Revisionists are a thing of the past!"



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