75 Percent of the World Thinks You're a Dumbass - Rest Don't Care (Updated: 1/13/05)

(11/23/04) - Another fun factoid about Deity-Prescribed Stupidity (DPS). Many dipshits (some call these humans) living about the surface of this planet were shocked to know that a majority of Americans actually believed that Saddam Hussein had developed Weapons of Mass Destruction (most notably the nukular kind). The rest, of course, were too busy starving to death or too stupid to think at all.

And to this display of mass-head scratching, I ask: "Is that the best you think we're capable of?"


**The above link shows some figures on how many Americans are skeptical about evolution and apparently haven't been looking at any of the 'advanced' models of gravitational relation that have suddenly become available only as recently as several hundred years ago.**

I've said it before and I'll say it again. People just don't get born this stupid by accident. It's celestial punishment.

** And the hits keep comin'. Apparently, Noah's wife goes by the name of Joan. Joan of Arc that is.**

- Cow


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