If W. actually said such eloquent words about Canadia, I might vote for the fucker!
(12/3/04) - "I told the Prime Minister that I understand his concerns about beef, but that America will of course continue to take whatever paranoid steps it damn well feels like in order to protect itself from likely imaginary threats. Because after all, the last thing America needs is to catch a disease that eats giant holes in its brain until it's so retardedly Canadian, it ends up giving free health care to people too poor to understand that they don't deserve to live long."
Not that I wish the Republic of Texas would declare war on Canadia, motivating such bloodlust and fervor as the Crusades, and I've never been there not just because I hate freezing cold weather but because I have to admit 99.9% of those whiny little bastards from their boring, cushy, neutral-ass, culturless country I bump into while travelling anywhere on earth with their Mid-West-sounding accents and stupid maple leaf on everything they own piss me off to no end with constant talking about how evil our country is and how they're not "American", which is an interesting elitist point to folks from the Southwest US because we know as all of Latin America that we are all Americans, just as a Latvian and a Spaniard are both Europeans, but I think there should be a lottery system for any Canadiac that makes a journey outside that Southeastern suburb of Alaska and talks shit, to be sold to impoverished "American" families as slaves or preferably a food source. 
Now before a bunch of faggoty kanucks get all upset about me expressing my personal point of view on our own website eh, and I've actually bumped into a handful who cry about fucking South Park making fun of them - offended by the fucking brilliant, communist, homosexuals of South Park?! - Canadiacs are my control group when questioning: Does this person piss me off?  I think a war and occupation to claim that arctic playground would be good for all parties since Canadian "identity" would never have existed if it weren't for US! 


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