How Did I get Here?

(12/7/04) - Maddox wrote an article about Websense. Two weeks later, the state (for whom I work) put their own filter on our internet use which included satire sites.

My point (in private rants) was that companies would buy on to these few options for filter software so's they don't have to worry about legal issues and stuff. Then, by default, everyone gets fucked out of satire, cause every company is reading from the same script of "inappropriate sites" instead of developing their own script of shit that they don't want their employees looking at.

By logical extension, it starts with service providers implementing these services (think options to switch on and off), then this becomes the default setting. After a while, no one even knows that there is even satire on the internet anymore, cause it'll take some understanding of the software, and it certainly won't make it easy for people actively looking for that shit.

Hence, the "needs" of the culture, fuck you out of a laugh that may save people's lives, depending on your mood.

It's about other people making decisions for you, because we can't even pretend that we're responsible enough to control our own internet viewing.

Think: "Help! My hand is in my pants and I can't stop jacking off!!"


** Update 12/23 - Microsoft is getting beaten upside the head in Europe for doing this exact same bullshit, but with their Windows Media Player software. Check it and realize the end is coming. **


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