Metalheads Mourn?
(12/9/04) - Well. Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed while rockin at a club on Wednesday. Call me a prick, but seriously, I'd much rather see Anselmo get shot.
I mean the guy comes out of the hospital after a heroin overdose sayin, "No pussy-ass shit like heroin could kill me. I'm too hard."
Now that would be cool. "Singer, Phil Anselmo gets plugged. 'Bullet too pussy to kill me,' he reports at a press conference today."
Metal could no longer contain the man and his myth. There would just be 'Anselmo'.
- Cow
** Besides, metalheads aren't really in mourning. They're still openly weeping about that nu-Metal shit people are trying to cram down their throats.


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