** Disclaimer: Ranting includes all of the rampant cussing, screaming, and blatant idiocy that  you'd expect of something using that namesake. Enjoy! **

The Rapture is Coming - Do You Have A Towel? (Changed: 12/23 - cause I felt like it)

(12/10/04) - I want to rant a little about something that I find absolutely fascinating. I've heard it referred to as "dispensationalism" and "you're fucking kidding me, right?"

It's about the fundamentalist Christian interpretation from the 19th Century driving the movement that the popular "Left Behind" series is based on.

[ End previous attempt at reserve here. ]

Seriously people. How fucked up do we have to be to believe that we should actively set into motion a series of events to bring about the Rapture from the Bible?

Especially since setting this in motion would require that 'the faithful' (or people subjudgated and unleashed by them) have to break most of the Ten Commandments.

That's right. Let's KILL the Palestinians and other Arabs, so that Israel can STEAL and populate their lands (which falls under the category of COVETING thy neighbor's shit), cause they are heathens and liars (FALSE WITNESS). In war, there is rape (sometimes ADULTERY), and will most likely have to be fought on the SABBATH, and definitely fought under the GRAVEN IMAGES of flag and country.

And as long as I'm frothing at the mouth, let me propose that acting for your own sake, but using God as justification, is USING HIS NAME IN VAIN.

In my own irresponsible opinion, I believe that this is like the ultimate, 2000-year-old revenge on the Catholic church for making it a sin to masturbate. It's like a long term version of the sexual repression that drives loyal Christians to wait for sex until after marriage and then find they made a shitty decision out of desperation, and end up being miserable to each other and their kids.

Of course, we're still trying to lay the groundwork for another several generations of sexual repression even now. Just look at the approved content hearings for the new Texas public school textbooks. No need for sex or masturbation. Is all abstinence, baby!

This does have the unintended consequence of turning our kids into 'lil Chris Columbus'. Pretend it doesn't exist, and every boy and girl can feel like they've discovered new, previously uncharted territory. Now THAT's confidence building.

"Don't come lookin for little Christophe. He's out 'exploring' again."

** This got me started. This got me pissed.  And, this brought my blood to a boil. [The last is a group who keeps up on current events in order to inform all interested parties about how close to the Rapture we are].**

- Cow


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