** Disclaimer: Ranting includes all of the rampant cussing, screaming, and blatant idiocy that  you'd expect of something using that namesake. Enjoy! **

By the way... You Look Adopted
(12/23/04) - OK. I just really don't want to talk about the holidays. I've got better things to rant about, like....
Stand up and be counted among the chorus of stupid!
A little confession. I like to read weblogs. Probably read through ten a day. In my boredom, I'm reading this stuff and realizing how many crap ideas get formulated and echoed on a daily basis. Between shouts of "Hey! Look at what this fool wrote. Seems right to me." and "The political argument that person A-26 is making is pure and everyone opposed is retarded and doesn't know what they're talking about, because I can use my position as an assumption in any argument," my head is looking to explode.
I am puking-in-my-mouth sick of more readings from the Holy Hymn Book o' Dumb. Not just because of its pathetic underpinnings of wanting to join the fold in hopes of being recognized, but also because an assload of these people have no journalistic integrity, original ideas, or even a some kind of anything to actually add. Debate becomes bloody, painful regurgitation.
When are we gonna shut the hell up, look around, and realize that we're WASTING our energy, time, and emotions on recycling piles of garbage that other people have decided are important for us.
Congratulations. We've now joined the chorus of idiots in the desperate gamble of hoping that our web ratings will skyrocket, and therefore vindicating our arguments, which were really someone else's to begin with. Go ahead. Lose everything that could have made you unique just to reinforce the fact that you're a number.
It's like enthusiatically joining in a sing-a-long only to realize halfway through that the composer/conductor is an asshole.
I have no idea where I'm going with this. I'm just unreasonably pissed after a post attempting to refute alarmist, global-warming interpretations by refering to an author of fiction for proof. Even tries to tow some argument that the guy's book is something more than fiction, just so he could say, "I knew you'd use that argument, so I said it first. Now you can't use it by the rules... uh... that I've just now made up." Dipshit.
It just occured to me though. This whole 'I can argue my idea better than and to more people than you' crap could be totally worth something. But, only if the person gets to personally urinate on the people they proved wrong.
No more monkeys trying to argue their humanity.
Hell yeah.
On a holiday note:
Southern Love has regained one of its founding fools back from the cold, icy grip of the Europeans. We're looking with twisted grins at the boys from Hit By a Car, and after just a week or two, we're talkin to people that we may be able to convince to do cool shit for us. Hopefully, for anyone that is looking, we'll actually be able to do some cool shit soon that other people can enjoy. Check our news link once in a blue moon.
Then again, we could be deceiving ourselves, and eventually find ourselves undeniably called back to the yellowed altar of procrastination. Remember that the couch is the essence of nuturing.
Merry whatever-the-hell-makes-you-happy.
- Cow


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