The way a man should spend his Valentine's because this "holiday" is a capitalist hoax on our bankrupted mainstream culture that sees 'conservative' living as different from complacent lameness which leaves folks heavily medicated on legal brain candy because those super-happy Hollywood moments never happen due to the fact that those stories are as ficticious as Dolly Parton's rack.

(2/14/05) - one night i gave alex a call to see what was up. He said he felt like having a drink so we hung out, downed a 6 pack and was still thristy so alex then suggests we go to some shitty mexican bar. We get there, we pay some lady to sit with us (waitress/hooker i think) and continue to the drinking. Long story short, i end up in the bathroom of some shitty tejano bar doing blow with some guy named Luis.

couple days later i get the itch to go out so i head to hole in the wall for the dollar beer thing. I rode one of your bikes down there. I got drunk, talked some shit with the people i barely knew... left then proceeded the bike ride home. I fell immediately..... bumped my head then got back on the bike assuming that i just wasn't concentrating and dean keeton was a nice downhill ride.... well it was till i fell again, this time really slamming the concrete.... humiliated but still determined, i started riding again thus to fall on the side of the feeder on I-35 really giving myself some extra bumps and bruises to accesorize my good looks. So yeah, after that 3rd fall i was in pain and gave up the fight.... i walked my bleeding ass home.

mark t.

ps. the bike is fine, i swear



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