Sing a Song of Dipshits - A Pocketful of Arrogance?
(2/18/05) - Great. Here comes a book about the importance of web logs. And the blogging community can't stop talking about it. Go figure.
Blah-blah-crappity-crap. This whole blogging thing is like holding a steamy hunk of dogshit. It sucks because you're getting shit all over your hand, but it's cool 'cause you can throw it at someone's face.
Seriously though, I think it's pretty kick ass to give mostly meanless fucks some sort of power to exercise, so that one day being bored out of your mind and completely taken advantage of might motivate you to take someone down. However, just like anything else, this shit gets addictive and people are way too adamant about trying to keep up some semblance of being important long after they've actually done anything. But, as long as everyone keeps at it, they can keep up some myth of self-perpetuated relevance. It's like this smarmy dude we had the misfortune of spending time in the same room with at a gamers convention in Houston, TX. This 40ish douche-pump never had any self-confidence until some even dorkier gamer-geek started looking up to him. Probably because he actually made it to his forties what with him geekin' all over the place and such. Then, before you know it, he gets to be GameMaster and lord his extreme dorkitude over all inferior gamer-geeks.
All that self-confidence gained makes him no less unbearable to be around.
And, there's nothing worse than some loser all hopped up on self-confidence. I'll take a crackhead over that anyday.
There are plenty of other examples as the one above, but it all boils down to the same thing. You've got a group of people identifying themselves as the same thing. A few people in every group are deserving of accolades and might even do something for the benefit of humanity (possibly excepting NAMBLA), while the rest are just hangers-on who thrive off the perceived importance of the title instead of the work. This is true for a shitload of groups, fads, cultures, professions, etc. Some scientists have invented cures for shit, while most sit around all day and play with beakers. Some teachers actually inspire students to pick up an art, science, or interest, while most make you never want to be a fucking teacher. Some goths actually commit suicide, while the majority just torture the rest of us by incessantly talking about it.
See. There are heroes in every group.
- Cow
** I'm not specifically advocating that goths kill themselves. I'm specifically advocating that they shut the fuck up about it.
'Cause I've nothing but love. **
 **I, however, am advocating that goths actually kill themselves.  As well as frat boys on some hell-night, homoerotic blowout.  Oh, and Celine Dion.  And Madonna.  And carpetbagging, former governors of Texas.
'Cause I hate you people and love those that might be corrupted by the sickness infesting your souls.  I am the warm fuzzy. -T$**


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