Our Gonzo Leader Checks Out
(2/21/05) - I intended to write a rant about the eeriness of the dream I had on my last night in Korea, but some mention of a night terror where an Asian doctor saw fit to remove my brain, fill the cavity with a beef brisket and stick my cerebrum and associated hardware in a plastic bag and send me on my way seems to go along with the horrible news out today.
Hunter S. Thompson reportedly blew his brains out at his compound in Colorado last night while his wife was off getting groceries.  The information is pretty scant as his son Juan says they wish to keep their privacy. 
Phil Spector has a mishap with his gun collection and now the gonzo journalist.  I think of words from our other beloved wordsmith and leader Bill Hicks (and I'm paraphrasing): Hendrix, dead.  Jesus, dead.  Reagan, shot, wounded, cancer eighteen times and he still walks the earth.  Why do the good die and the evil metiocracies walk and rule the earth?
Bye, bye the man who should've been sherrif.


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