Talking Smack Reposted!

(5/7/05) - Somewhere around application number 60 after turning in my dissertation on September 13th, I realized that although I desire to be as honest as possible in most respects of my life (notice I said "as possible") it probably isn't a real good idea to have a massive explanation of just how much of a rip off operation Cardiff University has going on if I'm trying to impress potential employers that my Master's degree means anything.  Well, fuck it!
It's graduation time!  Well, not exactly but let me explain to my fellow non-retards.  Cardiff University and perhaps the whole of the British Academia have Master's students turn in their dissertations in September.  The hard-working professors don't finish grading them until January which is interesting because to me, and of course I'm an idiot and not a university professor, it would make sense to get on the job and grade those dissertations immediately while the subjects are fresh on your mind and before you get elbow deep in the first semester of the next course.
So you receive your shitty grade and pass.  Then!  Then you wait for graduation.  Graduation is in July.  Yes.  Nearly a full year after you turned in your work for your Master's and moved back in with your parents. 
It really makes me think of my first speeding ticket.  Ferris, Texas.  They let me half-way off the hook but still made me and hundreds of others drive up to their little town, fill up in their gas station and eat at their cafe.  No thank you.  I will not be attending graduation.
However, I am reposting my lo-down of the entire course for your reading pleasure which I pounded out the day I turned in my two bound copies of "Comedy as News" to that British university with courses completely populated by foreign students. 
Why?  Foreign tuition. 
Not one single person in my Master's course was British and the only two Europeans were from Norway.  Why Norway?  Norway declined to join the EU so they have to pay as much as the rest of us. 




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