Southern Love gets jacked:

7/29/04 - Mark and I never did care too much for Dallas. The whole thing with Kennedy getting whacked, and now current events haven't improved our impression of Big D.
If it weren't too retardedly ironic, get this. Southern Love's film geeks got robbed in Dallas one hour before the screening of "Crime Pays". The thief left a $2,000 DV camera and a box filled with "Crime Pays" and "Plano, Texas" dubs. They stole, in broad daylight in front of the downtown public library, a handful of CDs, a broken discman, Mark's bag filled with his journal and cell phone, and my backpack filled with my disseration, library books and notes from the truck.

We searched the nearby park with a club in earnest of finding a bum checking the logic of my literature review and first chapter, but alas to no avail. By the time we got things sorted and tracked down Mark's missez after AT&T switched off her phone after Mark asked them specifically not to, it was almost 11pm and we were in Plano. No schmoozing at the festival social, but those people don't like us anyway. Fuck it!

Sincere thanks to those folks who took the copies of "Crime Pays" and "Plano, Texas" and for those who sat through the most embarassing screening where the audio was so low you could barely hear the subjects talking, let alone what they were actually saying.

There are no further screening plans for "Crime Pays" at this time. For anyone interested in Austin, you can check it out FOR FREE from either of the I Love Videos. But I strongly recommend checking out our documentary "Plano, Texas" and reading Travis' article on the subject of "Crime Pays" that Suckarepellent and RadioLeft published HERE.


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