A friendly warning to anyone considering a Master's at Cardiff University:

8/16/04 - This could easily be extended into a 15,000-word article, but I just cared to publish today's inspirational moments occurred on behalf of the Cardiff University's School of Journalism.

It's crunch time for the dissertation and Master's students have 24-hour access to the building. There are two computer labs we've had access to the entire year. One is a shithole where half the computers don't work. A few of them that do work happen to be missing programs that are relevant to me and probably a few other students that don't have computers to work on at home. For example, Microsoft Word. Or any other word processor for that matter. Due to this fact, most of us opt to work in the other computer lab that has more computers than the one I refered to as "shithole", and they all consistently work better, even if not well.

In this university's infinite wisdom, they have decided on a new policy during this end of the time when most of us feel squeezed. They've decided to start kicking us out of the decent computer lab and locking the door at 5pm.

This new policy is an incredible inspiration to my writing process. While I try and finish my piece on how right-wing lunatics managed to eliminate deliberative democracy, freedom of the press, and now the voices of political humorists, the extra hour I've spent in this shithole computer lab while this terminal tells me that my hard drive space with 2megs doesn't have enough memory to save one single text document with the work I've done for the last two hours and then freezes. If I'd been writing in the other lab (or maybe even in a school with computers that didn't give students daily problems to further our delivery to a state of alcoholic retardation), I wouldn't have anticipated something so utterly ludicrous to happen and wouldn't have printed it so I could retype the whole fucking thing tomorrow morning.

In short, I'd like to send the person who decided to lock us out of 0.35 a big box of Hershey's kisses and a pet slug.



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