It's a proud day when a country ruled by a guy with a name rhyming with pervert checks your package.

9/23/04 - It's a type of escapism for me. I don't have any intention of making an update, but I log into the NETADMIN and check which national, military and alien servers took a look at Southern Love this week. Sitting naked in front of the computer in 100degree Texas summers, I often wonder if the freak from the Seychelles that check's the Southern Love site weekly is some lucious minor fantasizing about rubbing her yummy brown skin against a Lone Star-chugging geek playing in a band named after the fake political movement that spawned the slightly un-PC name "Nigger Luftwaffe". But today is something new. Two new countries that never intended to touch my life:

18:56:05 18 Sep 2004 1 4,264 sk = Slovak Republic
08:49:13 20 Sep 2004 2 2,460 sc = Seychelles
20:58:41 02 Sep 2004 1 1,253 pk = Pakistan



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