Southern Love Productions-Films


Crime Pays

Travis Marriott

Production/Assistant Editor
Mark Anderson

Whitney Angstadt

Travis Marriott


TRT: 30 minutes.





2003 Southern Love Productions

In August of 1996, amid the Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating's protests against the state cap law, overcrowded conditions required the early-release of prisoners. The guidelines for the selection had been in place for years and were then reemphasized and tightened by Governor Keating before the Department of Corrections assembled their list of names to be approved by the Governor.

In spite of precautious screening, a 20-year old LaMonte Fields went to his ex-girlfriend's where he shot and killed Kenya Scott along with her mother and stepfather one week after his early release. Keating immediately blamed the Department of Corrections and demanded that Director Fields be fired, "because his agency told a 'lie' that led to the early release of an inmate who then killed three people."

Governor Keating decided an outside, objective evaluation of Oklahoma's antiquated penal system was needed. That outside, objective opinion was enlisted from a friend of Keating's, J. Michael Quinlan. Quinlan agreed to make a free evaluation and report on Oklahoma's penal system, which contained suggestions for modification and improvement. Among those suggestions was to expand the state's medium- and maximum-security prison beds by 1,351.

At the time of the report, J. Michael Quinlan was COO and Executive Vice President of the largest private prison firm in the world, Corrections Corporation of America.



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