Documentary Experience:
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Field Sound

Varied Production

Promotion & Music Production

•4/05 – 6/05 “No Drinking, No Cussing”
  North Carolina Arts Council, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  Editor/Camera/Sound: 30-minute documentary on rural oprys in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
•12/01 – 8/03 “Crime Pays”/Southern Love Productions, Austin, Texas
  Director/Researcher/Editor: 30-minute documentary on private prison
  corporation expansion in Oklahoma.
• 5/03 – 8/03 Drug War/Sacred Cow Productions, Austin, Texas
  Grantwriter: feature-length documentary on American drug policy by
  Director/Producer Kevin Booth.
• 1/02 – 3/02 "Writ Writer"/Passage Productions, Austin, Texas
  Research Assistant: hour-long documentary on Texas prison reform, 1950’s to 1970’s. Dir. Susanne Mason.
•12/98 – 8/99 “Plano, Texas: A Cultural Study of Suburbia”
  Southern Love Productions, Austin, Texas
  Researcher/Director/Editor: 30-minute documentary about the
  development of a suburban community and its approach to social problems.
•8/98 “The Last Champagne of Czar Nikolai II”
Solar Films,
Helsinki, Finland
  English Treatment-Writer/Soundman: Documentary on sunken WWI Swedish ship Jonköping carrying champagne and recovered in 1998 by a Swedish diving team. Dir. Miira Lähteenmäki.